Healthy Weight Loss – How Are Organic Foods Healthy For Your Plan?

You must have heard this – “You are what you eat!” These days, organic foods are getting popular, especially amongst health conscious people who are on healthy weight loss or who make healthy choices for their nutritional programs.

What exactly are these types of foods?

Technically speaking, these foods need to adhere to some straight standards set by the countries in which they are sold in. There are regulatory boards which govern the quality of such products. These foods are not exposed to chemicals of any kind during the steps of manufacturing, growing, processing or packaging.

Organic foods are produced without using any pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Instead organic farming utilizes natural methods such as insect predators and barriers.

While they are produced, certain production standards are met, like it is totally free from human and industrial wastes. No ionizing radiations are used while processing. Also no artificial food additives are used. Eating these types of foods in a balanced manner is undoubtedly the best options for people who are seeking healthy weight loss.

In the farms, organically grown feed is used to raise the farm animals. All the precautions are taken to avoid raising and treating them without antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones. The animal products such as meat and dairy are considered to be very healthy because they do not contain any chemical substances.

You must agree that these simple explanations put these foods to the category of healthy foods.

There’s still more to add to the benefits:

According to a research, you make healthy choices by going to organic foods which have higher nutritional value than conventional food. They have higher levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many important enzymes. They are picked fresher and not exposed to chemicals to artificially appear ripe for example.

How and why:

The main reason is the absence of fertilizers and pesticides. Organically grown plants improve their production of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and in return it strengthens their resistance to all kinds of bugs and weeds.

We can increase our antioxidant intake by 30% by choosing the organically grown foods. People don’t realize that some general “everyday” foods can cause health problems as well, whereas the organic ones can maximize your health and free you from number of diseases.

Your body is able to digest natural organically created food quickly and efficiently. It increases metabolism and helps you get rid of that extra weight and achieve healthy weight loss. Many people who eat these types of foods boast of having more energy to go to the gym or for jogging to burn off those extra calories.

Organic foods have much less metal contents like aluminum, lead and mercury when compared with the regular food. Some studies have linked Aluminum to increased rates of Alzheimer’s disease, Mercury to induce some levels of brain damage, and Lead to poor IQs.

The organic foods are richer in Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Boron, Lithium and Chromium. They are good for bones and heart and they’re also used to treat depression and prevent diabetes.

Growing children are more prone to damage due to pesticides because they have smaller and growing organs, faster metabolisms and speedy growths.

Therefore, you’ll need to encourage them to eat healthy organic food right from their childhood, from the time they can chew. That way, as a parent concerned with healthy choices, you will be setting the base for a healthier life ahead for them. They will not need to get into any healthy weight loss programs if they indulge nutritious foods right from their childhood. Set an example that they can follow. It is never too late to blaze your own trail either.

Super Foods – Healthy Choices – Fact Or Fiction?

Super foods are not really new. They have always been there and are a part or a normal healthy diet. Our grandparents knew what it meant to have nutritious meals and a balanced diet. Their knowledge of healthy foods came more from experience than from science. Scientific evidence is now validating their experience.

Nutrition and healthy living is a growing trend among baby boomers who want to look younger and live longer. Healthy choices are a common topic of discussion in magazines, television programs, radio and even newspapers. Healthier lifestyles and a better understanding of nutrition, with the potential to improve health and extend life, is of interest to our aging population.

Super foods have been getting a lot of press lately and sometimes it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.  Almost every form of media has an interest in providing information about achieving better health. Scientific studies are discovering interactions between what we eat and the benefits that our bodies receive which has led to using the description of super foods.

It is true that we now have access to exotic foods from other lands that were previously not commonly available. Improvements in air transportation has made it possible to import fresh foods from virtually any country in the world. Many of these foods are said to have health giving properties and have been advertised as super foods.

Super foods fall into a number of categories. Some are powerful antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties while others are high in vitamins and minerals. Their action on the body and the benefits people experience are what qualify a food to be called a super food.

Food does not have to be exotic to qualify as a super food. Many of our home grown grains, fruits and vegetables are high in the same nutrients as exotic foods. We take our home grown foods for granted however science is uncovering the mysteries of nutrition and nutrients that promote better health.

Everyone wants to have better health and vitality. We have always known that good nutrition is essential to good health. Advances in research of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is validating some of the common sense knowledge of our forebears. It turns out that an apple a day really does go a long way to keeping the doctor away.

Certain foods have long been known to have positive effects on certain conditions. Experience and knowledge passed down from one generation to the next about healing properties of certain plants and foods is now being validated by science. Scientists are proving the wisdom of our forebears through research, clinical studies and trials.

The health giving properties of super foods are being harnessed by nutraceutical companies and offered as supplements. Supplements that are produced from super foods can offer the healthy features in greater concentrations than the original food.

Blueberries are a natural source of lutein which is necessary for eye health. In order to get enough of the lutein for the blueberry itself, one would have to eat a bucket full every day. You may be willing to do that for a few days but it does not make sense on an ongoing basis. Taking a supplement that is made from those same blueberries can offer a therapeutic concentration in a small tablet or capsule.A balanced diet is still the key to promoting good health. Following food guidelines is still the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Experimenting with different foods is a pleasurable experience and you just may discover your best super foods.

Low Fat Fast Food – Healthy Dining Out Recommendations

How can you maintain a low fat diet while dining out at McDonald’s? Is there such thing as low fat fast food? Maintaining a certain diet can be really difficult as it is, more so when dining out when you can’t seem to find right choices. It is a fact that the best way to keep a low fat diet is to eat healthy fresh foods you personally prepared at home. However, dining out becomes a common thing for families nowadays, especially if you have kids. People who follow this type of diet are those with heart conditions or those who wanted to lose fat.

Fortunately, more and more fast food restaurants are beginning to consider recommended dietary needs for their customers and they’re starting to provide wide array of healthier low fat fast food.

The following is a few of low fat fast food from popular fast food chains.


• Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken with no dressing – 220 calories and 6 grams fat.

• Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich without mayonnaise – 370 calories and 4.5 grams fat

Burger King

• Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich without mayonnaise – 400 calories and 7 grams fat

• Burger King Veggie Burger – 340 calories and 7 grams fat

• Tendergrill Garden Salad with no croutons, cheese and dressing – 240 calories and 4.5 grams fat


• Ultimate Grilled Chicken with no honey mustard sauce – 280 calories and 3.5 grams fat

• Broccoli and Cheese Potato – 320 calories and 2 grams fat

• Sour Cream and Chives Potato – 320 calories and 4 grams fat

• Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad – 330 calories and 9 grams fat

But then, even though they are low fat fast food, it is still not recommended to excessively eat those foods as some are high in sodium and sugar. Fast food should never be considered as a regular means of nutrition and sustenance. If possible, find a healthier option by cooking fresh food at home. When dining out, you best option will be dry salads with no cheese, bacon, mustard or dressing and grilled chicken dishes. Pick dishes that are labeled as baked, grilled, boiled or steamed as this can definitely cut back fat content, which can save you from taking extra calories. What labels should be avoided? Any item branded as deep-fried, creamy, breaded, crispy, pan-fried, batter-dipped and scalloped. Choose tomato-based pasta over cream-based one as it is much lower in fat and calories. When choosing low fat fast food, opt for brown rice, vegetable rich dishes or whole-wheat items. For drinks, you can curb hungry pangs by drinking a glass of water before you start eating rather than ordering for a can of soda that equals 200-300 calories.

Because an average fast food meal can reach up to 1000 calories or more, choosing the smallest size is a great idea. Don’t be tempted in ordering food upsize and supersized portions. Instead of getting fries, get a Caesar salad instead. There are still low fat fast foods choices but always remember that eating out on fast food restaurant should be limited by just once a week.

Holiday Foods: Healthy Eating Habits That Work

Holidays are notorious for weight gain and almost impossible to obtain healthy eating habits. All of your favorite foods are sitting right there calling your name. So how do you enjoy this time of year and not gain weight? Make a conscious decision to put healthy eating habits into your holiday. Further, if you really work on the suggestions that follow you could even lose weight during the holidays.

Weight loss diets are not the only way to lose weight during the holidays. Exercise is also important. Just a brisk walk for about twenty minutes a day can help. Play that touch football game with your siblings and friends.

Do not fast before your big dinner. This defeats your purpose and you are more likely to overeat. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so that you are not starving by dinnertime. There are many weight loss diets that claim they can help. The best way to keep pounds off this holiday or any holiday is to control your portions. You can limit the fatty dishes and eat more healthy ones.

It is not recommended to start a weight loss diet during the holidays. You feel deprived of your favorite foods because they are not health conscious. You can use these simple tips to make your holiday dinner less of a danger. Substitute low fat milk for whole milk in the recipes that you use milk in. Use low fat butter or margarine. Do not eat a lot of sugary foods. For those recipes where you cannot substitute, eat a small portion.

Put more raw or steamed vegetables on your plate than meat and potatoes. Eat white meat instead of dark meat. Remove the skin on your piece of turkey. Do not drink a lot of alcohol. Limit caffeine. Drink plenty of water. Water fills your stomach and helps you eat less. Eat plenty of fiber. All diets that work stress this. Lean protein and low fat are consistently recommended.

If you are eating buffet style, once you fill your plate, move away from the table. Only take what you know you will eat. That way you will not be tempted to over eat. Chew your food slowly and allow your stomach to realize it is full. Healthy eating habits are one of the quickest ways to lose weight. During the holidays you can make these simple changes and greatly reduce the chance of gaining weight. Over indulgence can still happen. Just try to keep it to a minimum. You should make it through the holidays just fine without gaining weight.

You can have a wonderful holiday season and eat the healthy way to lose weight.