Holiday Foods: Healthy Eating Habits That Work

Holidays are notorious for weight gain and almost impossible to obtain healthy eating habits. All of your favorite foods are sitting right there calling your name. So how do you enjoy this time of year and not gain weight? Make a conscious decision to put healthy eating habits into your holiday. Further, if you really work on the suggestions that follow you could even lose weight during the holidays.

Weight loss diets are not the only way to lose weight during the holidays. Exercise is also important. Just a brisk walk for about twenty minutes a day can help. Play that touch football game with your siblings and friends.

Do not fast before your big dinner. This defeats your purpose and you are more likely to overeat. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so that you are not starving by dinnertime. There are many weight loss diets that claim they can help. The best way to keep pounds off this holiday or any holiday is to control your portions. You can limit the fatty dishes and eat more healthy ones.

It is not recommended to start a weight loss diet during the holidays. You feel deprived of your favorite foods because they are not health conscious. You can use these simple tips to make your holiday dinner less of a danger. Substitute low fat milk for whole milk in the recipes that you use milk in. Use low fat butter or margarine. Do not eat a lot of sugary foods. For those recipes where you cannot substitute, eat a small portion.

Put more raw or steamed vegetables on your plate than meat and potatoes. Eat white meat instead of dark meat. Remove the skin on your piece of turkey. Do not drink a lot of alcohol. Limit caffeine. Drink plenty of water. Water fills your stomach and helps you eat less. Eat plenty of fiber. All diets that work stress this. Lean protein and low fat are consistently recommended.

If you are eating buffet style, once you fill your plate, move away from the table. Only take what you know you will eat. That way you will not be tempted to over eat. Chew your food slowly and allow your stomach to realize it is full. Healthy eating habits are one of the quickest ways to lose weight. During the holidays you can make these simple changes and greatly reduce the chance of gaining weight. Over indulgence can still happen. Just try to keep it to a minimum. You should make it through the holidays just fine without gaining weight.

You can have a wonderful holiday season and eat the healthy way to lose weight.