Is Dry Dog Food Healthy For My Dog to Eat?

Not long ago, dogs used to be fed scraps from the table, with whatever else they managed to scavenge from elsewhere. Now, as animals become a bigger part of families, we want to feed them food that they will enjoy and like. There are so many brands out there though, how do you know which one to choose? Dry dog food is certainly very convenient for the busy pet owner, but there have been many reports of dogs getting ill from eating it. What are the alternatives?

Is it healthy for my dog to eat dry biscuits?

Is it healthy for any living animal to eat the same thing every day? Of course, most animals do not have nearly as much variety as humans do. But, a mix of food types and textures is important in making food enjoyable. Dog biscuits are made with convenience in mind. They are supposed to have all the nutrients and minerals needed to keep an animal healthy. However, the nature of biscuits mean that they are preserved and dry. Not all dogs like dried food. Older dogs might struggle to crunch biscuits. Preservatives and other ingredients in ‘complete foods’ have been known to cause skin and stomach problems in some dogs, although this isn’t always the case.

What else can I feed my dog?

Most raw meat is a healthy and good alternative to feed your dog. Many people are shocked at the thought of feeding raw food – and particularly bones – to their pet, but it is actually not a problem or health risk to feed your dog raw bones. In fact, dogs love them. And they keep their teeth fantastically clean. It is actually only cooked bones that might splinter and cause internal problems with your pet. However, even if you don’t want to feed your dog raw bones, raw mince and chicken is absolutely fine. If you choose to feed your dog this sort of diet, you will have to bear in mind that your animal will also need fibre, roughage and vegetables. You can mix these in with the raw meat, or you can provide your dog with a mix of different foods: raw meat, tinned food and dried biscuits.

There is little doubt that dry dog food is the most convenient way to feed your beloved pet, but consider your pet every now and again. Try him or her with different types of food and see what they prefer.