Raw Food Health Benefits – Why is Raw Food Healthy?

Raw food health benefits are numerous. In nature, our food has been blessed with everything that we need to consume for our survival. But when we cook our foods we change its natural constitution and often destroy the enzymes and nutrients that our bodies need to be their healthiest. Humans are the only mammals that cook our food, and this has not necessarily been an advancement in terms of our diet and health.

Of course, not all vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients are lost after foods are cooked. However, cooking food at high temperature kills many enzymes that are present in food. These enzymes are the chemical substances that help us get the benefits of the essential nutrients such as the vitamins and the minerals.

Cooking also alters the constitution of the foods we are eating. You can not seem to avoid the word “fiber” in any of the discussions about what we need more of in our diets today. But what makes fiber so important? Why is it important to maintain a fiber rich diet? Well, in short, fiber in its raw aids in digestion. The cooking of food greatly reduces the quality and ability of fiber to help with the digestion of food properly.

There are other important, and often unintended, raw diet health benefits. One of the most significant of these is the ability to lose weight quickly while on a a raw foods diet while at the same time having an increased energy level. Many of those on a raw foods diet also experience a dramatic improvement in their complexion and other signs of bodily health.

A raw diet generally includes lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and more. Fruit juices and vegetable juices also become a part of your daily regime when you are on a raw food diet. These foods are not only high on the nutritional benefits, they are great on taste.

A final benefit of a primarily raw diet, particularly one that is organically based, is that it can help detoxify your system of the unwanted wastes that have accumulated in your body over a period of time. So, if you want to get rid of extra weight, boost your energy level, improve your digestive functions and get rid of the harmful toxins in the body, you should certainly consider making the switch to a raw foods diet.